Client Health Profile 

The Client Health Profile can be downloaded and printed free of charge for all potential clients. If you would like a consultation please download the form and send it to along with the details of what type of consultation you are requesting.

Download the Client Health Profile form

Weekly Diet Diary Acrobat Portable Document (PDF)
Daily Supplement Schedule Worksheet Acrobat Portable Document (PDF)
Basal Body Temperature Chart Acrobat Portable Document (PDF)

Health Profile Documents

Nutritional Assessment

The Nutritional Assessment Form (NAF)* is:

  • A quick and convenient tool that provides the client with a diet and lifestyle snapshot as it pertains to an individual’s current state of health.
  • A starting point for those individuals who want to take the first small step toward better health.
  • Cost effective, the fee for an online appointment is $50.00 (Cdn funds).
  • The “Nutritional Assessment” form will be sent to the client within 24 hours of receiving payment via Pay Pal.  The final results, as indicated below, will be sent out to the client within 48 hours of receiving the completed “Nutritional Assessment” form.

The “Online Consult” provides each client with:

  • 3 nutritional recommendations for each system based on the results of the NAF.
  • 2 nutritional supplementation suggestions based on the results of the NAF and designed to support optimal health.
  • 2 lifestyle modifications designed to support optimal health.

* The Nutritional Assessment Form is not a diagnostic tool and does not take the place of a physician.

To get started

   1. Pay for the assessment at PayPal.
   2. The Nutritional Assessment questionaire will be sent to you upon payment.
   3. Compelte the form and return to me at
   4. I will perform the assement and return the results to you.