Mission Statement:
Nutrition 4 U provides individualized nutrition and lifestyle guidance designed to help each client live their best life everyday regardless of age and current state of health.  

Nutrition 4 U gets back to basics, no fad diets, no magic pills just good quality foods and nutritional supplementation when necessary.  There are no shortcuts to vibrant health and Nutrition 4 U recognizes the unique needs of every client by providing individualized nutrition programs.  Individual programs take into consideration:  age, sex, current state of health, food allergies/sensitivities, medications, environment, level of activity, smoker/non-smoker, omnivore/vegetarian/vegan and finally food preferences.

Nutrition 4 U recognizes not all clients have the time to make in-person appointments and as a result offers both the initial consultation and follow-ups at home, in-office, via telephone and via e-mail.  Nutrition 4 U  specializes in sports based nutrition for all athletes but also provides a broad range of nutritionals services:

Improving digestion
Weight loss/Management (no dieting)
Hormone Balancing
Pre and Post Pregnancy Nutrition
Specialized Diets:       Food Allergies and Sensitivities 
                                Candida Elimination Diet
                                Becoming a Healthy Vegetarian
                                Spring and Fall Detox Plans
                                Food Combining 

Recipe Bank/Cooking Tips/Weekly & Daily Meal Planning
Shopping Healthy on a Budget
Supermarket and Health Food Store Tours
Strategies Designed to Break Bad Nutritional Habits
Eating Healthy on Vacation
Portion Control 
What is the Glycemic Index and Its Benefits?
Pantry Raids (evaluation and restocking guidelines)
Corporate and Private group lectures series covering a variety of topics
Nutrition 4 U can connect clients with qualified Personal Fitness Trainers, Fitness Boot camps, Massage Therapists, Sports Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Naturopaths.

What Can You Expect on Your Initial and Subsequent Visits?

Initial Consultation:  Identifies the clients’ health requirements and personal goals through one on one discussion, evaluation of a five day food diary and the Client Health Profile which all clients complete prior to their initial visit.  Clients are also asked to have their Doctor check their weight, blood pressure, cholesterol initially and again in quarterly intervals.

Follow-up appointment(s): The follow-up is periodic check-in where we discuss successes and challenges, go over the client’s food journal, introduce new foods/recipes and make suggestions to help curb cravings and/or create new habits.  The frequency of the follow-up appointment is dependant on the individual needs of a client.

Fee Schedule, Canadian Dollars:

Initial consultation, one hour:      95 
Follow-up(s), one half hour:        45
Lecture series, per hour:           100
Supermarket tours, per hour:      75  
Pantry Raid, per hour:                 75  

Method(s) of payment:    Cash, Cheque and Paypal